Why minister to medical wives? Many people would hardly consider them to be in need of an outreach ministry, but it's actually quite the opposite. A false perception exists that if you are married to a doctor or dentist, you must surely have the "perfect life." But life as a medical spouse can be difficult and many struggle with resentment, exhaustion, loneliness and isolation. They've often been uprooted from their families and moved away from home, in order for their spouse to build his career. For those who have children, they often feel like a single mom with almost all the childrearing responsibility falling on them. Many women are just barely hanging on.

That's where Side by Side steps in. We believe there is something unique about the support other medical wives can offer each other. We want to offer a place where people understand what they are going through, where they find friends and surrogate family members, where they find help and companionship. Our goal at Side by Side is to help meet the physical and emotional needs of these wives and in doing so, demonstrate the love that Jesus has for them.

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